TAZ (Theatre by the Sea)
Twentieth anniversary

July 28th – August 6th 2016

The programme for an English-speaking audience is available at the cultural centre De Grote Post (H. Serruyslaan 18A) or at the Tourist Information Centre of Ostend (Moncaoplein 2) or via www.theateraanzee.be

This summer, the ten-day music and theatre festival Theatre by the Sea (Theater Aan Zee or TAZ for short), will take place between July 28th – August 6th 2016, at a whole range of extraordinary locations in and around Ostend. The festival formula this year is inspired by not one but several guests, the programme is inspired by past, present and future. Still the most important platform for young professional theatre makers and musicians, TAZ offers a diverse programme of literature, family theatre and the like.

- via www.theateraanzee.be 
- counter sale UiTloket at the cultural centre De Grote Post, H. Serruyslaan 18A
- counter sale at the Tourist Information Centre of Ostend, Monacoplein 2
- counter sale at IN&UIT Bruges, (Concertgebouw), 't Zand, 8000 Brugge

At the meeting point in Leopoldpark and via www.theateraanzee.be.